Claim your Saga genesis token.
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You'll receive a unique device-bound non-transferable NFT upon setting up your Saga and Solana dApp Store. The Saga genesis token is your key to unlock exclusive content and offers.

Apps listed on the Solana dApp Store will be able to offer Saga user-only benefits and rewards based on ownership of the Saga genesis token.

Saga Rewards

As one of the first Saga users, we've got some special goodies for you. To get you started, you will receive a Welcome Pack from Solana Mobile and rewards from dApps such as (subject to change):

Magic Eden

Magic Box of 25 USDC (first 5,000 users)


Exclusive music for Saga users


Saga-only sticker pack


Early access and free toy for Saga users


50 HXD and automatic Beemium upgrade (starting end of April 2023)

Helium Mobile

One month of free access to Helium Mobile (starting June 2023 for users in the U.S.)

Saga purchasers will receive a Welcome Pack from Solana Mobile:

Saga user Clayno mint

Saga genesis token holders will be eligible to mint one of 2,000 new Claynosaurz NFTs created exclusively for Saga users.

The mint will be candy-machine style, and you'll have an opportunity in each of several mint windows to mint one of two new species: Para and Spino. Solana Mobile will determine, in its sole discretion, the number of Claynosaurz available per mint window. Minting is not guaranteed and will occur only while supplies for each mint window last.

If you ordered your Saga before May 8th and minted the Saga genesis token, you were eligible to participate in the first mint held on May 30th. For subsequent mints, you must hold your Saga genesis token for at least 15 days before you can have an opportunity to mint. This holding requirement was reduced to 7 days for the June 28th mint, then removed for the July 31st mint.

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