The leaderboard is related to the Solana Mobile products on the webpage(s) where these Terms are linked (the “Product”) and is currently provided only for entertainment purposes (the “Leaderboard”). Solana Mobile does not provide or guarantee any benefit to participants (“Participants”) for participating in activities related to the Leaderboard. Solana Mobile reserves the right to modify, change or amend the Leaderboard and/or any aspect of the Leaderboard in any manner at any time and for any reason, including, without limitation, criteria related to Leaderboard rankings. The Leaderboard is publicly accessible on Solana Mobile’s website. Non-transferable digital assets provided to you by Solana Mobile in connection with the Product and/or Leaderboard (“Leaderboard NFTs”) may be publicly viewable in your digital wallet on the Solana blockchain. Solana Mobile makes no representations or warranties related to the Leaderboard and/or the Leaderboard NFTs and is not responsible for any loss, use or misuse of the same. Your participation in the Leaderboard and interaction with Leaderboard NFTs is at your sole risk. Solana Mobile reserves the right to terminate Participants’ participation in the Leaderboard at any time, including, without limitation, the right to burn Leaderboard NFTs at any time and for any reason.

Solana Mobile does not control the manner in which third-parties use the Leaderboard and/or information related to the Leaderboard NFTs (collectively, the “Leaderboard Information”). Third-parties may provide Participants with benefits (“Rewards”) related to the Leaderboard and/or Leaderboard Information. Solana Mobile (i) does not guarantee you will receive Rewards, and (ii) has no obligation, liability or responsibility with respect to Rewards, including with respect to (y) the failure of any or all third-party(ies) to provide Rewards and (z) any losses or damages. All aspects of Rewards, including, without limitation, criteria, and rules for eligibility to receive Rewards, type of Reward and amount of Reward, are determined and controlled by the third-party that is providing the applicable Reward.

These Leaderboard Terms and Conditions incorporate in their entirety and are in addition to the Solana Mobile website Terms of Service accessible at