Saga orders now open to everyone

, by Solana Mobile
Saga orders now open to everyone

Another breakthrough in the mobile era of web3 is here. Saga — Solana Mobile’s flagship Android phone — is now available to the general public and ready to ship to the U.S., Canada, EU, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Australia, and New Zealand.

When we started developing Saga, we knew we needed to create an incredible phone that would stand up against any other device on the market. And that’s exactly what we did, bringing the power of blockchain to fingertips worldwide with sleek design and premium components.

Saga is a phone and much more. You can enjoy a simplified web3 experience with Seed Vault, a secure self-custody solution that protects your keys through biometric authentication and encryption. With the Solana dApp Store, Saga users can access decentralized apps without having to interact and sign transactions through their desktop web browser.

Shipments for pre-orders have already begun and positive reviews are rolling in highlighting Saga’s intuitiveness and security, deep integration with Solana, the innovative Seed Vault, and mobile-native web3 apps.

Saga owners can claim a Saga genesis token when setting up their device. This unique device-bound non-transferable NFT serves as your key to Saga Rewards, unlocking exclusive content and offers from Solana Mobile and dApps listed on the Solana dApp Store.

We wanted to create an amazing welcome experience for Saga users that allows you to explore web3 right away, and the Saga genesis token is an important part of that. Get rewarded for owning Saga!

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to join the mobile web3 era with this groundbreaking device. If you live in a market we’re not yet shipping to, stay tuned as we’re expanding rapidly. Order Saga now and experience web3 the way it is meant to be experienced.

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